Turuki Healthcare Call Centre

Turuki Healthcare was established in 1995 to provide whanau-based health, wellness and social services to the South Auckland community.

Having won multiple government contracts, our Turuki brief was to establish new premises to host their service/call-centre, plus provide additional space for the management of their medical centres. The new space had to emulate what Turuki Healthcare stands for - a place where whanau and the community can come together.

The site was designed and constructed in two phases. The first stage was the main call-centre with an open-plan environment focused on nurturing the culture of the tightly-knitted team and their 'charges'. The second stage offices and meeting rooms provides the base for the on-road team to return to a calm and collaborative environment. Front-of-house and the waiting area provides a welcoming and safe haven for community members and portrays Turuki's core values.

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