Gaze Commercial Head Office

Gaze Commercial moved quickly, when the opportunity to relocate to the heritage space, that used to house the infamous Rakinos Bar arose.

The team wanted to be situated in Central Auckland, close to clients and various commuting options. They also wanted their new Head Office to clearly showcase the Gaze brand, demonstrating the team’s capabilities and strong collaborative culture, whilst maintaining functionality and flexibility.

The fit out design has an open-plan layout that displays previous era fittings and has multiple collaboration spaces. ‘The Carriage’, provides a space that the team can use to innovate and work together, whilst ‘The Hangar’, a fully equipped board room, provides a corporate space for formal meetings and presentations. A set of Daytona arcade racecars place the finishing touches to the company’s new home and is one of the team’s favourite ways to take a break at the end of the day.

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