Greg Foran

1 January 2018

It was our pleasure to bring our outstanding NZ alumni Greg Foran into New Zealand and to initiate Michael Barnett's interview of three remarkable New Zealanders:

Greg Foran, CEO of Walmart (the top Fortune 500 company) and now heading Air New Zealand. Sir Richard Faull - eminent professor and director of the Centre for Brain Research at the University of Auckland. Sir Ray Avery - celebrated inventor, scientist, author and New Zealander of the Year 

Among the many topics Greg touched on, his adherence to principles in business was a key one. View the video below to hear more. 

Sir Richard talked about developments shaping our children’s ability to learn while Sir Ray discussed aspects of sustainability and understanding the consequences of innovations in that field. 

It was an inspiring evening with home-grown global leaders who deserve to be celebrated. Gaze Foundation thanks the Auckland Business Chamber for partnering with us for this event. 

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Watch Here:

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