Caring for our community

Gaze's performance is not just judged on client satisfaction and finances, it's based on social, cultural and environmental impact - it's what we do with all we have been given - how do we give back?  What footprint do we leave?

After a decade of pro bono work with landmines and education in Europe, the Gaze family returned home in 2010.  It was sobering to see where education for so many had platformed - NZ currently sits at the tail end of OECD figures, our low decile schools holding fort with crushing fail rates and a lack of future, sobering figures for where their pathway lands - Corrections, Health, Disability Ministries. 

'Where a child is born is one of the most significant factors in determining his/her educational prospects.  One in five students leave school without NCEA L2 (a basic indicator of achievement) and children from low-income households are half as likely to achieve University Entrance as those from high income households….the result is thousands of young New Zealanders confined to a life of unrealized potential.'

                       Gaze Foundation delivers the tools, alters their pathways, stops the poverty cycle, delivers healthy adults

Gaze Foundation empowers 80,000 NZ children in their external exam years via nationwide revision programmes, initiated and fund a pivotal University of Auckland's Centre for Brain Research Cognitive Programme that is globally applauded in regenerating cells and increasing working memory, processing speed etc.  Gaze Foundation, we're dedicated to championing educational equity.

Our Driving Force: 'Beyond failure lies an abundance of ability and strength they never dared to dream about.  They cannot reach these sources of success and strength because they don’t have the tools to overcome the obstacles.  Gaze hands them the tools.'

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