Team update- New Senior Revit Technician

10 June 2019

Vantage Bar Staircase

At Gaze Commercial, our people are one of our most valued assets. We believe that the work and the outcomes that we produce is the result of our people’s expertise and the way that they are encouraged to continually grow and learn. Hence to further grow our team we have acquired a Senior Revit Technician.

Andrei Ossipov comes to us with a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in the realm of Revit. With a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and over 10 years of experience working on commercial and residential projects nationally, Andrei is a highly skilled Revit and AutoCAD user. As he would like to say, “I know everything about Revit”.

With the goal to provide the best design capability we possibly can, Andrei’s role is to implement a best-practices system specific to Gaze Commercial, to further incorporate Revit within our design process. He believes that the benefits provided by using Revit are tremendous and not only provides internal efficiencies but also benefits our clients immensely.

Originally from Russia, Andrei migrated to New Zealand 15 years ago with his family. A gardening enthusiast who has a passion for windsurfing, he enjoys spending time with his family during his free time. With aspirations to work on large projects and a thirst for seeing results, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Andrei’s journey with Gaze Commercial.

Check out some of our projects to see how our people, like Andrei, are central to the results we produce.

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