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Acoustic Panels

A board made from sound insulating materials and is used to absorb sound within a space.

Architectural Design

Architectural designers typically work on both the exterior and interior shell of a building, whilst interior designers focus on the function of the interior spaces, plus furniture, fixtures and accessories to create the desired 'look'.



Base Build

Often referred to in your lease as the existing condition of your space.

Building Consent

This consent authorizes the activity that impacts the environment or other people.



Can refer to a collection of cables or the process of installing them.



Often detailed in a 'mood board' of paint, fabrics, flooring, include wall coverings, wallpaper and other specialty materials applied to interior space.

Duct System

Collection of metal tubes that distributes air and is used in ventilation, heating and air conditioning.



Electrical Works

Anything related to lighting, power and security systems falls under this.

Emergency Lighting

Battery or independently powered lighting that is activated when there is a power outage.

Exposed concrete floor

Formed by grinding the top layer of the floor to give a rock-like finish to the surface. This smooth finish is completed with a sealer and is buffed for a polished look.


Fire Protection

Measures that are taken to mitigate the destructive impact of fires. This includes installing smoke detectors and fire sprinklers, passive fire protection involving sealing cavities to prevent fire from spreading through to other spaces in a building. 


The process of making an interior space suitable for occupation.


Materials designed to cover the floor of a space. This can include carpet, tiles and laminate.



Refers to the glass panels that have been fitted into a space, often found in meeting rooms and offices.

Glazing film

The material that is placed on glass to create imagery or privacy. The building code stipulates that all interior windows need to have glazing film for safety purposes.



The exciting date where the project delivery has been completed and you are able to occupy your new space.

Hard fitout

The construction of an interior space including changes to flooring, plumbing, ceilings, partitions, air conditioning, joinery and electrical works


Shortened for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning - HVAC is the system providing heating and cooling for buildings.

Hydraulic Works

The overall scope of work for plumbing and water services.



Interior Design

The planning and designing to enhance an interior space - to make it healthier, more functional and aesthetically pleasing for the people using it.

Interior strip out

Demolishing the interior of a space, leaving only the base build components of the building.

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Custom-built cabinetry such as reception desks, storage solutions, kitchen cabinets and countertops.

Laminate Flooring

A type of synthetic flooring that simulates wood or stone flooring.

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Operable Wall

A wall that is made up of a system of panels that move separately from one another but when fitted together form a continuous wall.




Typically a three-coat system applied to walls or partitions, consisting of one base coat and two finished colour coats.


Interior walls installed to divide floor area and rooms. This includes an aluminium track, plasterboard and plastering.


All works related to the supply and drainage of water. Typically for sinks, showers, water purification systems and dishwasher connections.

Preliminary Works

Works carried out in preparation for a fitout. Within the construction phase, this involves setting up a site by installing safety barriers and temporary power.


Involves finding and purchasing goods and services from an external source.

Project Management

Organizing and overseeing the entire delivery of a project - budget estimation, programming and organizing subcontractors.



Quantity Survey

Estimating material and labour costs for a construction job i.e. fitout or refurbishment.




Updating an existing interior space to improve its appearance. 

Request for Information (RFI)

 A common process in construction that aims to clarify uncertainties and information gaps that may be found in drawings, specifications or other written documents.

Request for Proposal (RFP)

A document that is sent to contractors to request a formal proposal for a project. Included in this document are the pertinent details of the project, which can include drawings and specifications, costing, length of programme, insurance requirements and safety expectations.

Resource Consent

Consent authorizing an individual or organization to carry out an activity that impacts the environment or other people.



Server room

A small room within an office space that houses IT equipment. Often these rooms require additional air conditioning due to the high heat load from the electronics.

Seismic Strengthening

Enhancing a structure to make it more resistant to seismic activity, ground movements and failures in the soil.

Site Manager

The person that oversees a construction site and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the project on-site.

Site Survey

The examination of a proposed site to gather data and information for the design, costing and planning stages of a project.

Soft fitout

The completion of an interior space with furnishings and finishings such as furniture, workstations, d├ęcor and artwork.


The document identifying manufactured materials and finishes for a project, along with the material performance standards and the method of installation.


An individual/business that completes a specific task under contract and under the direction of the main contractor.



Tender Evaluation

The process of assessing each offer/tender that has been received during the tendering stage to identify the preferred tender.

Tender Submission

Document submitted by contractors to supply their goods and/or services in response to an invitation to tender. This may include information such as pricing, a proposed programme, timing and details about the individual/company submitting the tender.


The pricing process where contractors are invited to prepare quotes for their services within a project.


When referring to an electrical scope of work the term 'termination' is used for referencing a power or data point.

Test & Commissioning

Testing, documenting and verifying that the system has been built to specification.


Finishings of a building such as floor skirting and covering joints.




Infrastructure services, typically including electricity, gas, water supply, sewage and communication services.




An alteration to the plans or scope of works that had originally been agreed upon.

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A piece of furniture, typically a desk, where an individual carries out their work from.



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