Face to Face Talks

As part of our social responsibility, Gaze delivers outstanding Kiwi alumni to New Zealand businesses, alumni punching well above weight in the global arena. Through Face to Face, Gaze brings NZ’s very best leaders back to our shores, to inform us on:

  • key persons pivotal to their success
  • what the catalysts were that drove their careers
  • how they stand out on the international stage
  • their peers/contemporaries
  • key moments in their lives/careers
  • how they are unique as thinkers, a doers
  • how (if) the NZ factor was part of their success

John O’Loghlan

1 January 2019

John O’Loghlan, Director of Alibaba’s Alipay and E-Commerce, ex Auckland Boys’ Grammar.

Greg Foran

1 January 2018

Greg Foran, CEO Walmart, now CEO Air New Zealand, ex Hillcrest High School, Hamilton.

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