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Property Solutions

Whitireia – Auckland Campus

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Whitireia – Auckland Campus required a more coherent and integrated environment for students. The space covered approximately 5000 square metres to house around 1200 students and administration staff members.

Key Objectives

The first of Whitireia’s two primary objectives was to reposition the Auckland Campus into an environment that truly reflected the learning principles of today.  The second was to support all their values that encourage their students, creating a learning environment where students and staff alike felt they belonged and that their uniqueness is valued and promoted.

Gaze headed a series of strategic workshops with Whitireia’s internal team and executive team from Porirua – Main Campus.  A thorough and rigorous process preceded the decision that the existing Auckland Campus remained as the preferred site.

In particular, a detailed quantitative building comparison matrix was developed to assess the relative preference of all buildings considered.  This weighted on criteria agreed in the strategic design process, factoring in all reasonable and known options available in the market place.

Gaze’s Design Challenge was to transform the existing site with all its limitations, into a new learning environment that recognised and embraced the brand and Whitireia New Zealand’s values.  With that done successfully, Gaze had created a connection to the students in an art form that stimulated FLOW FUNCTION FUN.