PredictHQ is a demand intelligence company who provide a premium event data service that allows their users to build smarter strategies and products. Originating in Auckland with Uber as their first customer, the company has expanded to San Francisco and continues to serve leading global brands, such as, and Dominos.

The new PredictHQ office is located on the second floor of Auckland’s Citibank building and has been smartly designed and built to most efficiently utilise the tenancy space. With an unmanned reception, visitors sign in electronically and deliveries are dropped into a large drawer that is installed into the entrance’s feature wall.

Featuring an open-plan layout, the workstations (i.e. where people spend most of their time) are located on the outer edge of the tenancy so staff can benefit from more natural lighting and the prime CBD views. To more efficiently utilise space. Some existing windowsills have been extended to increase storage space and create additional casual seating options.

The space also includes a large boardroom, 2 meeting rooms and 4 sound booths that can be used for private discussions. A seated-lounge area breaks up the space acting as an area that staff can relax, work and have less formal meetings from. Lastly, to tie the various workspaces together, TVs attached to the walls provide real time data and visual aids for staff reference.