Dilworth Building

The Dilworth Building is a 9-storey mixed-use heritage building that is situated at 22-32 Queen Street in Auckland CBD. Originally constructed between 1925 and 1927, the building now compromises primarily of retail, offices and apartments.

Gaze was contracted to complete the lobby refurbishments on levels 1 and 2 and full reconstruction on level 2. Works began by demolishing the second language school and base building systems (HVAC, electrical, fire detection, lighting) that originally existed on level 2. Creating a bare empty shell of concrete and flooring., reconstruction works started with the replacement of the windows, and hard plaster on the walls, columns and ceilings.

Within this heritage reconstruction, an open plan design has been incorporated by installing an exposed HVAC system along with cable trays and LED lighting. Together with the white acoustical panels on the ceiling, these elements create a bright open space with a heritage look and feel. The bathrooms were also reconstructed to have a high-end feel by using Sapele mahogany doors, wall panels and washroom dividers that complement the Terrazzo flooring.

The lobbies on levels 1 and 2 were refurbished, to match the flooring, by reinstating heritage handrails, replacing lobby windows, and refinishing the marble wall panels. New mahogany fire-rated doors and architraves, with keyless access for tenants, were also installed to tie the various spaces together.

Auckland CBD
755 sqm