Anderson Lloyd

Anderson Lloyd engaged Gaze in February 2018 to consult on their future workspace requirements. The workplace strategic review included buildings and location searches, and feasibility. Design concluded in 2019, building consent has been lodged and construction commenced in April 2021. 

The brief was cognisant of the Partnership’s culture, vision and their carbon zero objectives. This workplace strategy/brief captured the physical, acoustic, cultural, social and wellness objectives for the premises.

The workspace was designed to reflect the leadership vision with areas designed to accommodate the needs of individual teams and the tasks they perform. The soft fitout is as equally important as the hard fitout providing ergonomic workstations, chairs, social hubs and entertainment spaces, and a wellness space. Covid-19 brought about further change to design, allowing for future changes to the workspace considering possible economic,  environmental and strategic scenarios.

We have found Gaze to be deeply knowledgeable, communicative and client focused. They have added value consistently throughout the project and their work has been of the highest standard. They have exceeded our expectations in all respects.

Richard Greenaway (CEO)
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